Armstrong discusses Tuesday's dramatic standoff


Two days after two Memphis Police TACT Unit officers were shot in the line of duty, Police Director Toney Armstrong met with reporters Thursday afternoon to talk about the high profile case.

Director Armstrong said the two officers were shot while they were trying to arrest 32-year-old Aaron Dumas on two counts of attempted second degree murder for the Oct. double shooting of his ex-girlfriend and her brother.

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The police director said he does not know how many chemical agents were set off in the home on Worthington to try to get Dumas to come out after negotiations failed. The did say the cause of the fire is still under investigation.  

Director Armstrong told reporters anytime a police officer is shot, he thinks about what could have been done differently. However he said Dumas was a "real bad guy," which means no matter how officers approach a situation, their lives are on the line.

"We knocked on the door, and we were allowed to enter by the owner of the home," Armstrong said. "Once we got inside, the suspect realized we were there to arrest him and he made up his mind he was not going back to jail."

That's when Dumas fired on officers the first time, striking Officer Timothy Jackson in the leg.

Several hours later after negotiations broke down Dumas shot at officers when they released a chemical agent in the house. In the exchange of gunfire one of Dumas' bullets struck Officer Paul Hutchison in the thigh.

Dumas' body was later discovered inside the burned out home, in a bathtub. Police have yet to release a cause of death.

Director Armstrong said the two TACT Unit officers who suffered leg wounds are both home resting and doing well. He expects Officers Jackson and Hutchison to make a full recovery and return to duty with the TACT Unit.

Director Armstrong, who was on vacation when he got the phone call about Officer Jackson being shot, said a situation like Tuesday's dramatic standoff serves as a reminder of the dangers that come with the job.

"As you know, I've lost two officers since I've been the director, and Tuesday was one of those times you get the feeling I don't want to go down that road again," he said. "Tuesday was just one of those times you get the phone call, you just don't want to get as a director."

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