• BARGAIN THURSDAY: Discounted boutique


    A whole lot of office supplies. It's a place where discounted boutique clothing fights for space with an old handmade canoe.

    There is a eco-friendly line of chalk-based paint that can make that tired piece of furniture sit up and clamor for attention.

    Teresa Theiner says, "There is no prep at all. You just open the paint...and roll it on." Theiner was lured to Kelley's Attic in Collierville by CeCe's Paint but the deals keep her coming back. "I have a little side business, an antique booth and I come here and buy things, re-do them...recycle," said Theiner.

    Kelley's Attic is a quirky place where refinished furniture and do-it-yourself projects are with boutique clothing, camo gear, office supplies and brand-new office furniture. Most of it is way below the regular retail price.

    "We have desks that retail for $5-$600...we offer for $100," said Kelly Gill.

    Kelley and her husband, Michael, opened the store in the big barracks-type building off Collierville's Town Square six months ago. Michael's specialty is overstock and surplus office equipment and supplies.

    "We offer furniture, office supply, paper, copy paper...all 50-75% off," says Kelley.

    Deals like this refinished dresser - $325, six piece brown Transferwear dish set - $25, and hand-fashioned canoe, complete with motor, is a relative bargain. $900 and it's yours.

    It's a hodge-podge of stuff. Mostly new, some old, all of it priced to sell.

    The paint is $35 a quart but Kelley says it goes as far as a gallon of regular paint.
    Kelley's Attic is on Mt. Pleasant just a couple blocks off the Town Square in Collierville.

    MORE: Kelly's Attic Website

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