• Chatterbox Audio Theater presents "2012 Halloween Show"


    For the 5th consecutive year, Chatterbox Audio Theater celebrates the season with a spine-tingling Halloween broadcast on 91.1 WKNO-FM, airing at 7 pm on October 31! Similar to plays from the "Golden Age of Radio," the broadcast combines vocal performances, sound effects, and music to create worlds inside listeners' imaginations. Comprising five tales of terror, the performance will provide the perfect audio accompaniment to a spooky Halloween night.

    Chatterbox presented its first Halloween Broadcast in 2008 and has returned to the airwaves with a new performance every year since. The 2012 broadcast begins with a retrospective sample of performances from the past four years. It concludes with a brand-new, original story, performed live on the air.

    The stories to be presented include 2008's "The Confessional," in which a repentant murderer is trapped by a demonic force; 2009's "The Damned Thing," an adaptation of Ambrose Bierce's classic story about an invisible monster; 2010's "Burning Cold," in which a vacationing family is lost in a mysterious realm; and 2011's "Food for Worms," which finds a hapless reporter stumbling into the clutches of a wicked crone and her "pet." These offerings will be followed by an all-new tale, performed live on the air. In "A Voice from the Woods," two campers are put to the test after a shocking intrusion onto their campsite.

    Chatterbox's annual Halloween broadcasts have become a tradition for the company. "It's one of my favorite things we do," says Executive Director Robert Arnold, "and we're always thrilled to partner with WKNO. Audio is such an imagination-based medium, and few genres are as imaginative as the horror genre. Things you imagine are almost always scarier than things you can see."

    The broadcast is radio-friendly but frightening and intense. Listener discretion is advised.

    In addition to its 2012 Halloween broadcast, Chatterbox celebrates the holiday by participating in "Transcontinental Terror," a web-based marathon of horror audio. This collaboration of six contemporary audio production companies from across the globe -- ranging from London, England to Seattle, Washington -- results in a six-hour broadcast of terrifying tales. The full production streams through Sound Stages Radio (www.soundstagesradio.com) beginning at 6 pm CDT. Chatterbox's contribution, an adaptation of Jules Verne's dark fable "Master Zacharius," airs at 9 pm CDT. More information is available through www.transcontinentalterror.com.

    Formed in 2007, Chatterbox Audio Theater creates fully soundscaped audio works for free streaming and download. Based in Memphis, the group also produces shows in Kansas City, MO. Chatterbox has released nearly 60 shows to date, all of which are freely available through iTunes and through the group's website, www.chatterboxtheater.org.



    TITLE: "2012 Halloween Show"

    PERFORMED BY: Chatterbox Audio Theater

    DATE: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

    TIME: 7:00 pm

    DURATION: 1 hour

    COST: Free

    Listen Up! www.chatterboxtheater.org

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