• DeSoto County Explores Idea Of Substations


    Sheriff Rasco said his department's latest crime fighting idea has them taking a look at the numbers and find out what areas of the county need more enforcement.

    "We've got our crime date now that we look at to see where the crimes are being committed.

    The Sheriff's idea is to work with the business community as well to find locations for substations around the county. . Substations that may not wind up costing much.

    We are looking at people who may have strip malls or something in the area that we could lease from them and hopefully we could lease for a dollar a year. And give them some assistance that we are there to protect serve them also," Rasco said.

    Rasco said having substations would shorten response time. \

    "It's 497 square miles that we have to cover. I mean that is small compared to some counties in our state, but they don't have the population we have either. With 160,000 plus, this is something we have to do," Rasco said.

    The substations wouldn't necessarily require an increase in staff for the sheriff's department. It would just mean that deputies who live in that area would report to a substation instead of making the drive to the office in Hernando.

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