Dramatic raw footage of officer shooting and stand-off


FOX13 has obtained dramatic video of the wounding of Memphis Police TACT Unit Officer Paul Hutchison during a raid conducted Tuesday at 1383 Worthington in South Memphis. We warn you that some may find the video disturbing.

You hear gunfire erupting from inside the house and you see officer Hutchison being wounded. The officer was shot by suspect Aaron Dumas.

Immediately after the shooting Officer Hutchison is seen being dragged to safety by a fellow officer.

As part of police procedure two additional officers who fired shots involved in the incident have been relieved of duty with pay pending an investigation of the incident. The names of the other two officers will be released after they've been debriefed.

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It's among the most dangerous positions a police officer can find himself in. A gunfight at close range with a desperate suspect who apparently believes he has nothing to live for.

In the video obtained by FOX13 News you'll see how one Officer Hutchison's life was probably saved by the heroic action of a colleague as the bullets flew around them.

The siege lasted more than three hours but for Officer Hutchison, it must have felt like a lifetime before he was pulled to safety and out of the range of an enraged Dumas.

The charred and wet remnants of the house Dumas blockaded himself inside was still being combed through Wednesday by police crime scene investigators.

The exclusive cellphone video FOX13 News obtained of the dramatic incident, gives us a closer view of what transpired as police attempted to serve Dumas with a warrant as the accused suspect in the Oct. 7 double shooting of his former girlfriend and her brother.

After searching for Dumas at other locations, a tip sent police to the Worthington address.

"During the search of the residence, officers encountered the suspect and were fired upon by Dumas," Police Director Toney Armstrong said Tuesday. "TACT officer Timothy Jackson was struck in the leg by gunfire. Officers returned fire and then set up a perimeter around the home."

The video takes up after a wounded Jackson was taken to The MED. When negotiations with Dumas to end the conflict broke down, Director Armstrong said it was time for another strategy.

"A chemical agent was deployed inside the home, at which time, the suspect became irate and fired numerous additional shots at the officers from inside the home," the police director said Tuesday.

Moments later, as TACT Unit officers appeared to be closing in near the entrance, Dumas started firing again, hitting Officer Hutchison in the thigh. One of his colleagues dragged Hutchison on the sidewalk out of the line of fire.

Dumas retreated to the back of the house where he apparently started a fatal fire. Dumas would later be found dead in a bathtub.

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