• Drink and drive in DeSoto Co? Better reconsider


    If you are a drunk driver in DeSoto County, it doesn't matter what day it is.

    Truth is, the odds are not in your favor with the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office.

    This Labor Day holiday this county is not the place to go drinking and driving, because it's not just another holiday. According to Public Information Officer Dick Hackett, it's another day like any other day where the effort to fight DUIs is going to be made.

    "No questions and not just during the holidays, that's what we are cautious about during a holiday interview is to not leave the impression that this is not just a holiday effort," he said. "That's not the way we operate with the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department. What Sheriff (Bill) Rasco does is look at it as year round."

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    This is a department where four deputies in the DUI unit were recently recognized for making 500 DUI arrests in one year; not exactly the kind of place you want to drive through after drinking.
    "Well the department feels very strongly about the safety of all the citizens," Hackett said. "We don't want that DUI driver hurt anymore than we want an innocent child or innocent driver hurt, they might be killed or injured as a result of someone's bad decision. So Sheriff Rasco makes this a year round effort."
    If you are going to drink, keep it at home and under control. If you go out somewhere you definitely want to give the keys to someone else, because you never know who is watching.
    "If you make the decision to get behind the wheel and you are an impaired driver we will find you," Hackett said. "I reported one last night, just as an example. I went into a convenience store and called one in from there to one of the deputies and he said 'how do you know that she is impaired?' I said because she couldn't get into my car. Her keys didn't fit into my car."

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