• Fact Check: Is Flinn ad misleading?


    The gloves are coming off in the race for the 9th Congressional District.

    The campaign has taken a negative turn as challenger George Flinn launches a new ad attacking congressman Steve Cohen's record.

    Congressman Cohen is calling this new ad misleading and false.

    We took a look at the numbers in the Dr. George Flinn's new ad.

    Did Congressman Steve Cohen miss more than 130 votes?

    He did, according to independent website govtrack.us Cohen missed 133 roll call votes. To put it in context that's 133 votes out of 5081 cast since he took office in 2007 or 2.6%. The average number of missed votes for the entire Congress is 2.5 percent.

    In a phone interview, Congressman Cohen told us he had a reason for missing most votes. For example, he missed several during his mother's prolonged illness and when he attended her funeral.

    What about the travel?

    Flinn's Ad claims Congressman Cohen takes taxpayer funded trips around the world.

    We couldn't find any evidence Cohen is in the top ten members spending government money on travel.

    An independent website that tracks Congressional travel shows that Cohen has taken 13 privately funded trips since he was first elected, but Cohen says he didn't skip any votes for those trips.

    Despite these inconsistencies, Dr. Flinn is standing behind his ad.

    Congressman Cohen will be hosting a press conference to address Dr. Flinn's ad Thursday morning.

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