• Fallen Officers Honored In West Memphis

    Remembering those, who've lost their lives by protecting and serving.

    Hundreds in Crittenden County gathered to dedicate a memorial for all fallen officers.

    The ceremony was held this morning, just weeks after the fourth anniversary of two West Memphis Police Officers who were gunned down in the line of duty.

    It's the one moment that will tear the heart of any parent, with family in law enforcement.

    Mother of fallen officer Rosa Waters says, "I just never thought I would tell him Michael you have to be careful. You know that I will die if something happens to you, my only child. He says I know mom, I know."

    On September 11th 2003, the greatest concern became reality. Water's 24 year old son, Officer Michael Waters lost his life chasing three robbers in West Memphis before his car slammed into a concrete barrier.

    Waters says, "When our son died, my husband was really upset that there wasn't a memorial in this city of West Memphis honoring police officers."

    Hundreds gathered at Worthington Park in West Memphis, which is now the home of a permanent marker to remember every officer in Crittenden County who've died in the line of duty.

    Bob Paudert says, "You know that's a horrible, horrible tragedy to experience when you see your son lying there shot to pieces and another officer shot, but it's through the support that we made it."

    Former West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert lost his own son Sgt. Robert Paudert and fellow Officer Bill Evans who were killed during a traffic stop in 2010. Jerry Kane and his 16 year old son opened fire on the officers. The Kane's claimed to be sovereign citizens, who were later killed in a shootout with police.

    Paudert says, "I'm gonna tell you the families are hurt every second of every day, it never goes away."

    He says the memorial is a constant reminder of the risk law enforcement officer face every day. He says the markers will always indicate that the tragic death of any officer is never in vain.

    Waters says, "It's just a sweet moment that not only our son in honored, but my husband’s wish was fulfilled and that's really sweet."

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