• Family member of MPD officer now implicated in rape case


    This story gets stranger and sicker as more evidence is revealed. 

    Yesterday we told you about Cornelius Monger, a former Memphis Police Officer.  He has been charged with rape and incest.  Now this morning we're hearing that Monger's mother and father were also charged back in October.

    Henry Monger Jr. Affidavit of Complaint

    George Monger remains here in jail on a $500,000 bond.  He is behind bars held on a slew of charges including rape of a child and aggravated sexual battery involving four young girls.

    Monger's wife, Barbara, was also charged for telling one of the girls to lie to detectives.   A police Affidavit also states that Barbara caught her husband having sex with one of the girls.  Police say they have taped phone conversations of Barbara trying to persuade the girl not to talk.

    Their son, Cornelius, was indicted Tuesday and accused of having sex with a family member when she was 16-years old.  He is charged with rape, incest and statutory rape by an authority figure.

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