• Family Members Shocked By Grusome Murder

    New details are emerging about a gruesome murder in Coffee County. We now know the name of the woman who police say was killed and then dismembered.

    Lisa Marie Hyder was a 36 year old mother of six children. She lived near Chattanooga, and tonight her ex-husband says she met her suspected killer, Scott Hale, at a liquor store on the day she was murdered.

    Scott Hale remains behind bars, and friends say his satanism may have played a role in the alleged murder. Court documents allege he cut off the head, hands and feet of Lisa Marie Hyder, and then ate part of her body.

    Lisa's ex-husband Charles Hyder lives in Dunlap, Tennessee. On Monday investigators told him she was dead. "When he told me what happened, oh my God, I collapsed. I just couldn't believe it," says Charles Hyder.

    Charles says his ex-wife called him Friday afternoon, shortly before she met Scott Hale at a liquor store. Hyder believes Hale offered to drive Lisa home, but instead took her to his house.

    Charles says Lisa had struggled with alcoholism, a problem that had only gotten worse after her recent diagnosis with ovarian cancer. "We didn't want her going this way, you know what I mean, I mean this is awful," says Charles Hyder.

    FOX 17 News is also learning more about Scott Hale. At one time he worked for a Coffee County meat processor. An employee says he was a strange man who would take animal bones and eyeballs home with him.

    Mildred Giesing was Lisa Hyder's grandmother. She says Lisa had a big heart, and she can't imagine how this could happen. "She didn't deserve what she got. She did not deserve to be killed that way," says Mildred Giesing.

    Lisa Hyder's family members say they will push for the death penalty, and say Scott Hale should never be a free man again. "Anybody who would do something like that, and even try to eat the flesh of the person they've cut up, deserves to die," says Giesing.

    Lisa Hyder's ex-husband Charles says her youngest children are just three and one years old. He says his little boy asked to call his mom Monday night. Charles told him she has gone to heaven.

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