FBI searches Tupelo Taekwondo studio


UPDATE: Ricin investigation in North Mississippi has moved to Itawamba County, Miss. Neighbors say 26 unmarked law enforcement cars descended on this Itawamba County home. Homeowner says his grandson took Taekwondo from Dutschke. Homeowner says he only uses house for weekend get away, says FBI is on a wild goose chase. FOX13 News has learned warrants are being obtained to search the house.

After Paul Kevin Curtis was freed and all charges against him dropped in the suspected ricin-letters case, investigators turned their attention toward James Everett Dutschke of Tupelo, Miss.

UPDATE: Man investigated in poisoned letters missing

Dutschke, already facing charges of child molestation, is now being investigated after he was named by Curtis' attorney as a possible suspect in the case of three poisoned letters that were sent to President Barack Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi and Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland.

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Federal agents in hazmat suits spent the majority of Wednesday searching through the location of Dutschke's former Taekwondo school.

"We don't need this in Tupelo, Miss.," said  Dennis Carlock, Dutschke's neighbor. Carlock stood watching from a distance as agents entered Dutschke's business.

"Well we never had  no problem with him," he added. "We didn't have no problem with him until last year and we found out that he had been exposing himself to little girls in the neighborhood. One of the last ones was my granddaughter, and my daughter took him to court over it."

Mississippi State House Rep. Steve Holland told FOX13 News he knew Dutschke from the 2007 campaign that Dutschke had run against him.

"He ran a very belligerent, personally violent campaign toward me," Rep. Holland said. "He called me 'Boss Holland,' he had Photoshopped me in white suits and had some pretty wild rancor against me and a lot of it total untruths. It was like he was angry the whole time, so much so the Republicans even said to me we have the wrong horse."

Rep. Holland's mother, Jude Holland, a justice court judge in Tupelo, received one of the three ricin-laced letters. He gave us this update on his 80-year-old mother.

"She's healthy and she's ready to move on with her life," he said. "She is sort of tired of the whole story, if you want to know the truth."

FOX13 News has also learned that the FBI may be interested in searching several storage sheds owned by Dutschke in the Tupelo area.

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