Georgia boy celebrating 5th grade graduation drowns in pond


By: Liz Artz -  

BARROW COUNTY, Ga. - Crews in Barrow County, Georgia searched a pond for an 11-year-old who was reported to have gone under the water Thursday night, according to WSB-TV

Andrei Lurco disappeared at the 3-acre pond along Hancock Bridge Road.

The boy's family said his body was recovered Friday afternoon. 

Divers from Jackson and Hall counties were going inch by inch, searching for the fifth grader. Captain Scott Dakin said the boy was with his 9-year-old brother, playing on a boat in the pond when he jumped into the water.

His family said he was out celebrating the end of the school year and his fifth-grade graduation. They said when the boat started to sink, he tried to swim to get help. 

Firefighters asserted that the pond is a popular swimming spot for local children. 

Authorities said Friday morning the mission was now a recovery effort.

"They were celebrating summer school, which was out yesterday, and ran to neighborhood pond for fun, but unfortunately, fun turned tragic,” Dakin said.

Recovery crews have a grid and were going section by section in that lake looking for the child.

The boy went to Holsenbeck Elementary School in Barrow County. Thursday was their last day of school. 


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