Joey "Un-Tied" - I love snow, Christmas lights, comic books and animated movies


I love snow, Christmas lights, comicbooks and animated movies.

I can still clearly remember how those things affected me as a child. And I'vemade a conscious effort as I grow older to keep that current electric andactive, and to stay connected to it.

Most kids look at adults and scratch their heads. Why are we so grumpy? Whydon't we laugh more? Why do our faces naturally frown when they're at rest -instead of a subtle smile?

I know. We have mortgages, car notes, little noses to wipe, problems at work.

But so very often we make mountains out of molehills.

Here's a promise: one day we will leave this earthly plane.

Here's another promise: I hope it's far away for you, but when you reach thoselast precious moments of life, you're not going to wish you'd spent more hoursfighting with co-workers, or arguing with your spouse, or wishing your kidswould leave you alone.

You'll likely recall those special moments that just snuck up on you and becameimprinted on your brain.

So why not improve your opportunities to make more of those "good"memories?

Think this is too syrupy? Maybe. But think back to the last time you heard ayoung child laugh a deep, rich laugh. That moment makes even those with a heartof stone stop and smile.

Here's a crazy idea for today: spend a few hours approaching life like a child.

Nothing complicated.

No agenda, no baggage.

No jaded views. Not bored with beauty.

Not worried about yesterday or tomorrow.

No politics.

No grudges.

Kids make mistakes...but they sure know how to enjoy what we seem to haveforgotten.

How to enjoy the wonders of the day.

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