• Joey "Un-tied"- Super cold today..and what happened to our snow?


    Super cold today..and what happened to our snow?

    So many snow lovers out there frustrated at the lack of wintry goodness. (I'm one of those). These temps outside are nowhere NEAR as cold as your comments! Yow! I'm going to try and explain the weekend weather in a moment.

    But hey - let me remind you - We DID nail 1) that it would rain beginning Sunday morning, and 2) we'd see flurries, and 3) that the temps would plunge dramatically! That's 3 out of 4! Come on!


    Here's the breakdown:

    Every meteorologist on the planet - from the ones who work for the military to FedEx to local news - look at the same data. Supercomputers work 24/7 chewing up data and soundings to give us expected future info.

    Each numerical model has different biases and strengths. Part of a meteorologist's job is to decipher and use that info. Almost all of them were in agreement on snow potential all of last week. And if the last forecast you heard was Friday, the chances were still very real.

    Saturday, the models began picking up new discrepancies. (The atmosphere is fluid and changing second by second). They began showing a closing window on our snow chances for Sunday. (In fact, if you go through my Twitter feed, you'll see I posted a map from the NWS that showed totals dropping to an estimated .50").

    I mentioned Friday that here in the Mid-South, "temps chase rainfall". We usually have no problem with a rain supply....it's getting it to match up with air cold enough to freeze it all the way to the ground (and keep it there). Interestingly enough, cold air got here fairly quick. It was the rain this time. The low pressure providing the rain changed its track in the last few days and our water supply dried up as the cold air come pouring in.

    So, snow was a major problem just north of us, and continuing into the northeast; missed us again. (I blame "The Curse of the Pharaoh".... a post of mine that was MYSTERIOUSLY deleted this weekend.)

    We also mentioned last week that the REAL story was going to be the temperatures. "Record" temps: very cold and very dry. Wind chill's today will be in the "negatives" all day, and so will the dew points. That means that we'll be dangerously cold AND dry. (This has led to me declaring this as "ASHY MONDAY"!, and day we'll speak of in hushed tones and furtive glances from this day forth. Lotion up.)

    Please stay warm. And hug your weather person - they have feelings too.

    Or so I'm told.

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