• Joey "Un-tied"-I heard a song and it made me sad


    I heard a song this morning who's chorus was "I just wanna feel this moment...." and it made me sad.

    Catchy song. Up tempo. VERY popular. Has made the singer very rich and very popular.

    But the chorus is so pronounced, and so well produced, it made me think.

    I started thinking back to younger, dumber Joey. (relax. I know. current Joey also makes lots of mistakes.) I was struck about how with youth comes the predisposition to ignore the future. And how so many of our problems begin right there.

    As children become early teens who become later teens they're crushed under an avalanche of imagery - directed at them - that screams "FEEL GOOD NOW!!!!". They want freedom, they want to make their own choices, and they WANT to be adults,....but let's be honest. They're woefully unprepared. Most of us adults were as well. (And still are.)

    It's not that many parents didn't try (and still don't).....it's more of a case of the intensity of the world around us vs. our ability to help control and monitor its effects on our youth.

    As youth become adults, they're overwhelmed with the reality of this: "I can do whatever I want".

    Ironically, for the seasoned adult, we've learned the SECOND and MORE IMPORTANT lesson which is this:

    "Just because I CAN do whatever I want doesn't mean I SHOULD do whatever I want."

    (say it to yourself. now say it again. now tattoo it on the insides of your eyelids. later. rinse. repeat.)

    How much happier would we be if instead of "I just wanna feel this moment..." we said to ourselves: "Just because I CAN doesn't mean I SHOULD".....which really leads to this:


    And there it is.

    We teach our children - and really ourselves - to do what we want, when we want, and to not give a split-second consideration to what our actions will lead to. We just have the repercussions handed to us (and others) and so very often we deal with the scars forever.

    I'm not beating up on Pitbull, or even the golden-voiced singer Christina Aguilera (who sings that signature line). They are who they are.

    And I don't want to beat US up either.....I just want to gently shake us until we wake up.

    I'd love to hear from you.

    What would "older" you tell "younger" you?

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