• Le Bonheur's rappelling elves spread Christmas magic to kids


    Some special sneaky elves jumped from the shelves at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and came down from the roof as a Christmas treat for children being treated at the hospital during the holiday.

    "There's this little girl, maybe two or three, had a purple shirt I think, she kept smushing her face up against the window," said Danny Oszaniec, one of the hospital window washers turned elf, "I can't explain it; just joy and for them little kids just for a little while to not think about being in the hospital. It just makes you happy."

    It's the second year window washers from American National Skyline, Inc. dressed up as elves to delivers smiles and Christmas cheer to patients like hospital first-timer Briana Clemmons, 5.

    "I asked her if she liked it; she said she liked it, she's just scared they going to fall," said Briana's mother Shandalyn Franklin.

    Even Le Bonheur's "frequent fliers" like Gabrielle Myers, 18, who has been at the hospital a week at a time for the last ten months, found wonder and joy in the hospital-repelling elves.

    "It's something I've seen on TV but I've never seen it here and it's magical," said Gabrielle's mother Cindy Myers, "I couldn't believe how nice it is. They talk to the kids, waving at them and interacting with them through the window."

    Swinging and dancing from the 12-story building, the four elves pulled out all the stops to bring the families some Christmas magic.

    "Every time they come here, they have something special like this," said Myers, "But I have to say this is the best they've ever had with the elves coming down from the sky. It's something to see even for adults."

    One young patient said she hopes the elves return to Le Bonheur next year because "the kids get bored of TV."

    The window washers said they will dress up as elves for Christmas again next year. Throughout the rest of the year, the crew dresses up as super heroes for the children at Le Bonheur as they clean the windows.

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