• Local business man pays off holiday layaway items at Burlington Coat Factory

    By: Shelby Sansone


    Christmas came early for hundreds of people this weekend.

    A local business man paid off their layaway at Burlington Coat Factory in Memphis.

    FOX13's Shelby Sansone got a chance to talk to some of the lucky people, and they were really excited about this random act of kindness.

    This isn't the first time this has happened in Memphis actually, on Monday a couple paid for 135 layaways at the Whitehaven Walmart.  

    Zola Morris was one of the lucky people who received the holiday cheer from Azron Fogleman.  

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    Morris and hundreds of other people came into the store to get their items. The manager told FOX13 the line continued to grow all day.

    And while we were there, several people stopped to tell me how grateful they were.

    “I just want him to know thank you so much, it's a blessing for someone that's giving like that. So I appreciate it,” Morris said.

    Burlington couldn't tell us the exact number of people helped out or how much money was spent.

    But all the people we spoke with had bills from $60 to $150 completely wiped clean.

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