• Man arrested, booked into Shelby County women's jail


    A male inmate was placed in Shelby County's female jail over the weekend. It’s a mix-up that has the Sheriff’s Office investigating exactly what happened.

    Sherita Turner said her brother is a transgendered man. But when Terry Turner was arrested Thursday, officers thought he was a woman.

    They booked him into Jail East, the county's women's jail. 

    "On the picture for the warrant he is dressed like a woman and it said female, but he was telling them all along that he was a man," Turner told FOX13.  

    Sherita said she spoke with Terry on Friday, and he told her he told jailers several times before processing that he was a man. They allegedly ignored him.   

    "They said they are still going to take him to Jail East,” Turner said.

    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office confirmed Turner was being held at Jail East over the weekend. However, they are investigating how he got there.

    "He used the bathroom and the lady screamed out she see his (private parts)," Turner said.  

    Sherita told FOX13 they believe Terry's civil rights were violated and the Sheriff's Office should be held accountable.

    "They just have to admit they made a big mistake,” Turner said. “They have to accept the simple fact he is what he is, and that was their fault.”

    Terry Turner was arrested with his cousin. They are now both at 201 Poplar facing identity theft charges.

    Officers said they found 13 different ID's in the car the two were in. Both are due in court Monday.

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