Memphis Animal Services Reopens After Parvovirus Found

The city-run animal shelter is open for business once again.

It was closed over the weekend after a couple of dogs were diagnosed with the "parvo" virus.

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“The citizens want answers," says Gray Tolson who is still waiting for conclusions to what actually transpired.  

When we sought answers from the Memphis Animal Services Tuesday, we were told no one was available, and that everyone was busy working or in meetings. They expressed that there would be no statements.

"I think it's a shame," continues Tolson.

The shelter was closed this weekend because of parvo. Eleven dogs had to be put down.

"Why not treat them immediately with medicine instead of just putting them down? That's people's animals," says Tolson.

We told you about the North Dakota company who came up with a drug that could treat parvo at a fraction of what it would cost now.

Is that an option moving forward? And was someone's dog who happened to be picked up put down?

"They take them in and put them in the same cages with the other animals. What are they going to kill your animal too? Because it came down with Parvo?" says Tolson.

"It's better than letting the outbreak occur and then people going home and other things occurring from this disease," says Leonard Confer who is a little more forgiving, but not that forgiving.

"I was thinking about going to get a dog. Now I'm thinking I'm glad I didn't go," says Confer.

At least not until he gets some answers.

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