Memphis City Schools to Host ‘Healthy Choices Week' 2012


Memphis City Schools to Host ‘Healthy Choices Week' 2012

"Healthy Choices Week" was launched in 2005 to promote healthy lifestyles among youth


Memphis, Tenn. –  Memphis City Schools will host the eighth annual "Healthy Choices Week" November 26 through November 30. Healthy Choices Week is an awareness campaign designed to promote simple steps students can take to ensure they develop and make healthy choices that will carry far beyond the classroom. This campaign is also planned around World Aids Day, with the other days of the week dedicated to specific fundamentals of healthy development. The district has partnered with various community organizations promoting healthy choices to students and the greater Memphis community.

Healthy Choices Week was established in 2005 as a district initiative to establish a path to better health. The campaign has grown in response to health statistics revealed about youth in the greater Memphis area and has drawn from a wide range of community attention and support for healthier eating and exercise habits, safer sexual behaviors and more positive relationships.

For more information, contact the MCS Office of Coordinated School Health at (901) 416-0408.


Healthy Choices Week 2012 Media Sites:

·      Healthy Neighborhood's Day: Monday, November 26, 2012

       Host School: Melrose High School, 2870 Deadrick, 38114

       Activity: Gang Prevention

       Time: 1:00 pm

·      Drug Free Day: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

       Host School: Peabody Elementary, 2086 Young, 38104

       Activity: Drug/Alcohol Free Program with a Skit

       Time: 1:00pm

·      Healthy Habits Day: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

       Host School: East High School, 3206 Poplar, 38111

       Activity: Memphis Wobble Flash mob

       Time: 9:00 am

·      Healthy Relationship's Day: Thursday, November 29, 2012

       Host School: Bruce Elementary

       Activity: Let's Go Memphis Grizzlies

       Time: 9:40 am

·      World AIDS Day: Friday, November 30, 2012

       Host School: Kingsbury High School, 1270 N. Graham, 38122

      Activity: AIDS Awareness Press Conference

      Time: 1:00 pm