"Miracle kitten" shrink-wrapped to box, shipped more than 500 miles

by: Zach Crenshaw Updated:


A kitten’s story of survival is being called a miracle.

The animal was found in the back of a UPS truck, four days after he was shipped from Chicago.

‘Joey’ is just 8-weeks old, but already has the story of a lifetime.

“Last week a UPS driver who is a longtime client brought him in and he was driving a load that had come in from Chicago. The load had been packed about four days before,” said Dr. Carolyn McCutcheon with the Park Avenue Animal Clinic.

“He heard something crying in the back so he went in with a flashlight and found this kitten shrink-wrapped to the [package].”

The driver brought Joey to Park Avenue Animal Clinic.

“I’m surprised he was alive,” said Dr. McCutcheon.

Things weren’t looking good for the kitten.

“He was pretty dehydrated and hungry…He was shrink-wrapped flat with his four legs out. So it took a while for his legs to work again and for him to move his head again.”

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The vets here can only speculate on Joey’s journey, but they do not believe it was animal abuse.

“Probably he was in the warehouse, [the machine] scared him, he ran up the [packaging] and the machine just went around him and wrapped it,” said Dr. McCuthcheon.

Joey is recovering well, but still shows signs of his traumatic experience.

“He still won't let us give him a bath, and he still smells like plastic.”

The tiny guy is recovering quickly though, and has gained more than a pound in one week.

The animal hospital is looking to find Joey a ‘forever home.’ If you would like to adopt him, you can call the hospital at 901-458-0863.