• Bargain Apps: Deals on Your Smartphone


    If you are looking to save money? There's an app for that. Actually, more than one. This Bargain Thursday we check out a mobile way to save.

    Save $25 just by using an app? You gotta love this new way to shop.
    We call it, mobile shopping. A way to buy local...by using the worldwide web.

    We focus on the Shopkick app- a free app that automatically locates deals and discounts, based on your location.

    "the way it works, when you download it you've got to gps signal it. It lets the phone know where you are,” said Chris Poindexter.

    Macy’s is one of the stores that use Shopkick. So, what does it mean to us? You may not have to carry coupons as long as you have your smart phone.

    The deals are on the phone and in some cases; you can knock off an extra 10-15 even 20% off just by using the app.

    American Eagle is offering an additional 15% off right now simply by checking in.

    "now it's brick and mortar and all the deals online that you could get. When you walk into a store with a participating app, it's gonna notify you what’s on sale, where you can find it, and what the discount is," said Poindexter.

    In our quick trip, we found the best deal at sports authority where you get $25 off a $100 purchase. You use your phone as the coupon...

    And, this holiday season is likely just the beginning of a smart new world of savings.

    "you don't have to cut out and carry coupons," said Poindexter.

    this also works for androids phones. There are other apps. Try coupon Sherpa-It finds coupons for stores based on your location.

    Price Grabber sets price alerts and finds the lowest price for an item you scan-with your phone-in the store. Another one is Fast Mall which helps you navigate the mall, find restrooms, and even find where you parked your car after the shopping is over.

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