Bargain Thursday: Beauty Needs


Bargain Thursday for all your beauty needs

"I love perfume...I have 46 bottles."  That, in a nutshell, is why Heather Kring shells out ten bucks a month for a box of goodies from Birchbox.  "I get to smell perfume before I buy. Get to use all the makeup before I buy.  Actually saves me money in the long run" says Heather Kring.  

Birchbox is an online store featuring skin care, makeup and beauty items, plus accessories and style goods for men.

It's "the box" tailored to your specific likes and needs that gets us us glowing.  Kring says, "you spend $10 and every month get a box of luxury make-up samples-makeup, shampoo, perfume, lotions."

Just getting a package in the mail is a kick.  You never know what you're going to get but generally, there are five items.  We found metallic nail polish, perfume samples, a full-size Stila eye liner and various skin and hair creams.

The  Birchbox for men is $20 a month but it has accessories and products that add up to at least that much.  One of the things that can arrive in your Birchbox is a tie which can be worth $30.  The whiskey stones sell for $20.  Heather says her husband is hooked.  "He got a t-shirt, ear buds, he got cord, keep cords, electronic items from tangling up."

Birchbox treasures make cool gifts. You buy them three months at a time.
There are other benefits after you buy.

Katia / Birchbox

For more information on Birchbox click here.

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