BARGAIN THURSDAY: Cash for clothes


Ladies you may be closing the door on a bumper crop of cash. A few nice things you never wear can turn into a brand new outfit or the cash to pay the power bill. This Bargain Thursday makes perfect "cents."

There is now a way to sell your gently-used clothing, shoes and accessories. Clothing Mentor Cordova will open for sales next month but they are open now to buy so they can stock the shelves.
Owner Mike Thorne says, "We take sizes 0-to-26 plus. Maternity, all seasons; all the time. We buy all the time. No appointment necessary."

Consignment stores pay you after an item sells. You can wait weeks or months for the money.
"Plato's Closet" and "Once Upon a Child" have been paying cash money for teenage and children's clothing and toys for several years here in the Mid-South; now, Clothes Mentor of Cordova is giving women the opportunity to cash in. They offer cash, on the spot.

Make sure the item is in-style, in good condition, clean and folded neatly in a box or laundry basket. No hangers. If it's more than a couple of years old it may not make the grade.
You won't make a fortune. This style of shopping is geared toward selling at a discount. Thorne says, "We like to get stuff on the floor for 30-33% of what it sold retail. From that, we split with the customer between 33-50%. 50% is usually for designer clothes."

Clothes Mentor Cordova is NOT open for shopping yet but they are open and ready to take your clothes, purses, jewelry and scarves to get the shelves stocked for the grand opening in March.


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