• Bargain Thursday: Daily Deal Emails


    It is cool to be thrifty, especially if you can save 50% or more at your favorite salon, store, or restaurant. It's easy, it's convenient, but it requires a little planning.

    We are talking about the many Deal-a-Day websites, like Groupon. Memphian Betty Beaton said she has "done several dinners downtown (for) half-price." But, meals are just the beginning.

    Thomas Whitehead tells us that he has seen deals on "gyms, salons, and dry cleaners" among other businesses.

    Here's how it works, you sign up for daily emails from websites like Groupon, Living Social and Inside Scoop. You will get an email with a particular deal every day. You can find links to each website's sign-up page at the bottom of this story.

    Taylor Berger owns YOLO, a new frozen yogurt shop in Memphis. He advertised $8 worth of yogurt for $4 shortly after he opened for business. "We sold more than 1300," he said. It worked for him and it works for us. We save money, and businesses get more business.

    Beaton missed the YOLO deal but she saved $500 on a $600 "Bright Smile" tooth whitening process. "It whitened my teeth 10 shades. I was really pleased," Beaton said.

    Whitehead said you can save even more if you post the deal on Facebook or Twitter. "If (your) friends buy it through you, you automatically get yours free or the next purchase is $10 off."

    But there are a few things to be aware of before you buy. First, read the fine print. Check the expiration date to make sure you will be able to use the certificate before it expires. Find out if the deal is for a particular location, or if it works for every store. And, make sure you will be able to use the full amount because there are no refunds for unused portions of the certificate.

    Just be aware. And, remember, saving money is cool again! As Alli Robinson says, "It's chic to save money."

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