Bargain Thursday Essex Bargain Hunt


It is here. Essex Bargain Hunt has finally opened it's first store in the Memphis area. The Tennessee-based chain sells heavily discounted merchandise from at least six major retailers.

The Cordova store is at the corner of Trinity and Germantown Parkway. You will find electronics, clothes, housewares, luggage, toys, sports equipment, even bicycles.

When we were there, one woman was loading up on children's winter coats for nearly nothing.

Gerri Thomas says. "I asked 3 people, is this for real? Is this the right price" So, I loaded up the cart and we're back today." She bought 17 winter coats, brand-new with tags, for between $1 and $3.50 each.

That's the "Bargain Hunt" aspect. Once an item has been in the store 30 days, the price is dropped. After that it goes down 10% every ten days. So, you can pay up to 90% off the

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