Bargain Thursday: Essex Bargain Hunt


This is one of the best Treasure Hunts we have ever encountered. If you are looking for flat-screen TV's, computers, baby items or furniture, get ready to shop.

One woman estimates she and her husband have spent more than $10,000 this year. They started with high-end car seats for a third of the retail price. Jessica Mackens says she got a Eureka vacuum for $50 less than the retail price. And, Mary Lynn Sparks says she sees items she "knows" are at Nordstrom's.

Essex Bargain Hunt is in Jackson, Tennessee. It is a Tennessee-based chain with 13 stores. The group gets goods from several "Major" retailers. Spokesman Randall Chambers says, "Some is new, some is overstock. Some is damaged box or returns. We send it through a processing center in Nashville. Check the goods, especially TV's and electronics."

What you buy there may be considered refurbished if it is electronic. And, it comes with a 30-day guarantee.

We found brand names like Phillips, Vizio, and Sony. We found a 47' Vizio LCD for $599. Another 40' flat screen was only $329.

But that is only the beginning. You will find baby supplies like strollers, car seats and diapers all at 40-75% off. There is furniture and bedding, clothing and Christmas trees. Once an item has been in store for 30 days, the bargain hunt begins. It is marked off 10% and another 10% for every 10 days it is there. Real treasure hunters will look for the items that have been there for so long they are 90% off the already-discounted price.

Essex Bargain Hunt
119 Old Hickory Blvd
Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 660-4454
Located in the Oak Hill Shopping Center

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