• Bargain Thursday: Free Family Outings


    Spring break is next week, and if you are looking for something free to do with your kids, this Bargain Thursday is perfect for you.

    Plan to spend Tuesday afternoon at the Pink Palace or the Lichterman Nature Center. Both are free after 1:00pm on Tuesday only.

    The Pink Palace has a new traveling exhibit. Historic Black Memphis features artifacts spanning the history of African-American culture in Memphis. And, they will have a traveling exhibit featuring Dr. George Washington Carver as an educator, innovator and agricultural game-changer.

    If the weather is nice, Lichterman Nature Center is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors and enjoy early spring by walking the miles of trails.

    LINK | Historic Black Memphis at the Pink Palace
    LINK | George Washington Carver Exhibit at the Pink Palace
    LINK | Lichterman Nature Center


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