• Bargain Thursday: Furniture Saving Duo


    Magazines, television and movies constantly bombard us with visions of beautiful homes with pricey furniture and accessories. We are going to take you to two stores in the Mid-South that offer high style without the high cost.

    You've seen the catalogs full of ideas to make your home feel like a castle, like a mirrored accent table in one Dallas-based catalog that costs a whopping $950.

    At I.O. Metro, it's only $249 for two tables which is a savings of at least $700.

    We found $99 leather chairs in five colors, just one of the best deals we found at I.O. Metro.

    It's not an outlet store. Jeffrey Chiapetti said "We source from so many different places across the globe, just keep the price points low."

    I.O. Metro started in Arkansas six years ago. Now there are 19 stores featuring solid and reclaimed wood furniture, upholstery and loads of vivid and unusual accessories.

    A few doors down you'll find Stash.

    It's a great place to stock up on high-end goods that the stars buy, but you will pay less.

    They carry pieces from Horchow, Sundance Magazine, Nieman's and Restoration. We found a Restoration Hardware leather couch for $2200, a $1,000 savings over retail.

    Stash is owned by the family that operates the Ashley Furniture stores, so they use their clout to get the best deals. As one of the largest retailers in the U.S., they can buy some pieces for as little as 30-cents on the dollar.

    The hottest items seem to be the Rowe chairs. They have 13 styles and nearly 800 fabrics to choose from, all at $599. That's at least $300 less than we found elsewhere.

    Stash and I.O. Metro are in the same shopping center at Park and Ridgeway. It's one stop with lots of options.

    I.O. Metro
    1213 Ridgeway Road
    Memphis, TN
    (901) 761-9002

    1195 Ridgeway Road
    Memphis, TN
    (901) 302-1972


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