• Bargain Thursday: Half-Price Goodwill


    If you like Goodwill, you will love their newest option for low-price shopping: half off the Goodwill price!

    It's Goodwill hunting, but better. The well-known resale giant now has a store with permanent markdowns - a half-off store.

    The half-off Goodwill is on Highland, near the University of Memphis. The regular prices are posted, so when you see this price know that you will pay only half.

    We found wedding gowns for $25, prom dresses - with tags still on - for $20. In the boutique section we found a leather coat for $9.99 and a Chico's brand 2-piece linen suit for less than $7.

    Here, you'll pay between $1 and $1.50 for children's clothes, $2.50 for a lady's dress, men's and women's slacks for $2.50, and so forth and so on.

    Six Goodwills feed into this half-price store. This is the last stop before the Stage Road bargain barn, one more way to keep your donations from going to the landfill, and to buy yourself a little something for a lot less.

    The half-price Goodwill store is on Highland Avenue across from the Highland Strip.

    Goodwill Half-Price Store
    574 South Highland Street
    Memphis, TN 38111
    (901) 458-6610


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