• Bargain Thursday: Holiday Hair


    There may be nothing more delightful for tired feet than a spa pedicure, especially if it's only $15. Pedicures usually cost between $40-60.

    A manicure is $10.

    Shellac is the hottest nail trend going. But, you will pay $30 for this two week polish anywhere in town, unless you go to Empire or another beauty school.

    You can save a lot by getting your holiday up-do at a beauty school. Here at empire, $5 hair cut and style. $25 for the "special occaision package" that includes full hair, manicure and makeup.

    Your nail tech, hair stylist, or esthetician is still a student. You provide the training and they provide the service for a lot less than you would pay in a conventional salon and an instructor is always nearby.

    It may take a little longer, and it may not be perfect, but you are saving a lot of money and, giving a student the gift of experience.

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