• Bargain Thursday: Home Appliances


    You can save hundreds of dollars on your next washer, dryer or refrigerator if you know how to shop.

    Don't let a scratch or small dent keep you from saving big bucks on your next appliance.

    Siano Appliance Outlet on Park and Mendenhall is one option. We found that regular merchandise there was no cheaper than any other store. But, if you shop the scratch and dent section your savings are substantial. You can save between 30-60%. Siano's Ann Stafford says the appliances are all brand new, and "you're totally covered by the manufacturer's warranty."

    The big box store, H.H. Gregg, has an outlet section inside the Cordova store. We found a LG Steam Dryer with a suggested retail price of more than $1200 on sale for about $600, a savings of 50%. It was a closeout model without a matching washing machine. The same store has televisions too.

    H.H. Gregg Store Manager Dwayne Wright said the prices are so cheap because the appliances are "closeouts, some are scratch and dent, some were wrong for the customer - too big, too small, wrong color."

    Some of the damage is obvious, some is not. We found savings of 30-40% on appliances with a small ding on the side where most people would never even see.

    The best deals sell quickly, so do your research and be prepared to buy when the price is right.

    One more thing, ask about the delivery and set up costs up front. Make sure you are still saving money when you add that to the total price. Some stores charge extra for set up, even if you pay for delivery.

    Here in the Mid-South you can also find 'scratch and dent' appliances at some Sear's stores.

    LINK | Sears Outlet

    H.H. Gregg
    8045 Giacosa Place
    (901) 291-2737

    Siano Appliance Outlet
    5016 Park Avenue
    (901) 761-0283


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