• Bargain Thursday: Once Upon a Child


    Make money and save money, it's a beautiful combination. We found how you can use your kid's old clothes and toys to finance holiday gifts. But, you will continue to shop here well after the holidays.

    Debbie Robbins is hoping to turn her daughter's outgrown clothing into cash. She said, "I've got some nice things here: a nice holiday dress, shoes. I'm hoping to get at least $30, $40, or $50."

    Paul Fermi owns the Southaven, Mississippi and the Cordova locations of "Once Upon a Child." It is a resale store, not a consignment store. What's the difference? He buys children's toys, clothing, and equipment and you don't have to wait until it sells to get your money.

    Shannon Spencer has two toddlers. She said, "It's better than Wal-Mart." Fermi said he'll pay between "30-50% of what we can sell it for. If we sell a pair of jeans for $10, we're able to offer $4."

    For example, savvy shopper Armentria Reaves made $35 by selling 12 items.

    If you are selling, clothing must be spotless, freshly laundered, up to date, and packed in a sturdy container. But, know up front that they don't accept everything. If something is dirty, in poor condition, or if it has been recalled, they will not buy it.

    Once Upon a Child deals in children's clothing: sizes newborn to 20 for boys and newborn to 16 for girls clothing.


    7075 Malco Boulevard
    Southaven, MS
    Phone: 662-470-4952

    2200 N Germantown Pkwy
    Cordova, TN
    Phone: 901-382-3332

    LINK | Once Upon a Child


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