• BARGAIN THURSDAY: Saving money on meat

    The price of meat is sky-rocketing just in time for grilling season.

    This week's Bargain Thursday shows you how to buy as much as 13 pounds of meat and chicken for less than $25.

    One Saturday a month, volunteers gather at Mid-South Churches.

    Their mission?

    To unload boxes of frozen and fresh food ordered by people who are in on this budget-stretching secret.

    Gwen Carter is a first-timer. Her delight at what this $39 box contains is contagious. Carter says she would "spend at least $100" to buy the same food at the grocery.

    "Hope for the Mid-South" is part of the national food distributor, Smart Choice Food.

    They buy in bulk for bigger savings. That's how folks like Stefanie Rhodes save so much.

    Stefanie has been buying from them for three months. She showed us what was inside the $24 Grilling box. Thirteen and a half pounds of meat, including sirloin steaks, center cut pork chops, smoked sausage, hotdogs, and chicken breasts.

    May's Big Box includes more than 12 lbs. of meat plus vegetables and desserts designed to feed a family of four for one week. Price? $39.

    Deadline to order in the Mid-South is May 20th.

    https://www.facebook.com/HopeForTheMidsouth, http://www.smartchoicefood.com/

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