Bargain Thursday: Shopping App Rewards


Shopping for groceries and other domestic items just got a little more interesting.

There is an app that promises gift cards that you earn by scanning products to earn points.

You start earning money when you earn at least 300 points. That's only worth a $1 gift card, but by the time you get 7500 points you have earned a $25 card to the business or charity of your choice.

The app is Checkpoints. It's free. You earn points when you "check in" and start scanning. We had a problem at first getting our iPhone 3G to scan. We had 4 people try to download the app and scan when we tried this out. It didn't work for any of us that time, but we found out that you must update your iPhone on your home computer before the scanning process will work. Once that's done, it's a breeze.

Shopper Donna Van Hoozer said it's like a scavenger hunt. She lets her kids search for and scan the products listed on the Checkpoints App. You don't have to buy anything, just scan the product. You can earn between 10 and 50 points for each product scanned, so it does take some time to accrue enough points to earn a substantial gift card.

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