• Bargain Thursday: Sneaker sale/trade


    On any given Saturday, swap sales are going strong somewhere in the Mid-South. But in recent weeks, we've seen more than one sneaker swap meet. They offer opportunities to buy, sell, or trade.

    Are they a Bargain? Well, depends on who you are and what you want to buy.
    Murfreesboro native Barrett Newsome brought "Sole Searching" to Minglewood Hall earlier this month. He says they "probably have every shoe that came out that is not in stores on shelves anymore."

    These Sneaker Conventions are big business. They are a draw to people who describe themselves as "Sneakerheads."

    People like Memphis' William Ford say I'm looking for 11 Concord, a 5 Fair Package Green Olive. It is a different language to those of us who aren't in the know.

    We met people from all over the southeast here to sell or buy shoes. Shoes like the Foamposit Oregon Duck sneaks. Vendors tell me these go for up to $1200 online but you can get them here for $800. A bargain? Not to me. But to a Sneakerhead? Absolutely. Vendor Tyree Richards from Virginia found some sneaks for $650. It's a pair he says normally goes for about $1100. To him...a deal.

    There is another Sneaker Swap Meet coming up March 8th. SneakFest will be at the Cook Convention Center.

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