• BARGAIN THURSDAY: Tennessee Safari Park

    It's like taking a sight-seeing trip around the world without spending a fortune.   
    We ventured out for this Bargain Thursday with high hopes.

    We were delighted with what the Tennessee Safari Park has in store. You really get up close to the animals at the Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo.

    It's billed as "The Wildest Place in Tennessee." It's also a place where you will laugh and squeal and make memories as you experience the wild kingdom like never before.

    There are buffalo that crowd around your car all hungry and ready to say hi in their own special way. Claude Conley is one of the owners of the Park and he pointed out one of the male animals that will be 2,500 pounds when he's full gown.

    Mallory Clark is the Director of Education for the park. She says, "The fact you can get up close and personal with some of the world's most rare and endangered animals and get to feel the soft velvet of their skin or fur makes this place different than any other zoo or park in the state."

    Claude Conley's grandfather started collecting exotic animals on their Crockett County cotton farm 55-years-ago. This family farm became a dedicated conservational breeding center for rare and endangered creatures.
    By 2007, the family's dream of creating a different kind of park became a reality. They leased out the planting fields and opened the gates to the public. Conley says, "We wanted something new for Tennessee."

    You actually drive your vehicle through the park. You will see ostriches, emus, camels, buffaloes, llamas, donkeys, wildebeest, deer, antelope and many other animals that may walk right up and eat out of the bucket in your hand.

    It's a ton of fun.

    The best part? For less than $50, a family of four can travel the world and come face to face with animals from several continents.

    MORE: http://tennesseesafaripark.com/

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