• BARGAIN THURSDAY- Tips for turning your clutter into cash

    1. Make sure you have plenty of change.
    At least $65:
    30 ones
    6 fives
    $5 in quarters
    *Do not price anything below .25

    2. Bundles = Bargains
    Use gallon ziplock bags and/or shipping tape to bundle like items together for quicker sale.
    Ex: Toys, DVDs, wrapping paper, T-shirts, linens.

    3. Market your product.
    Place an ad in the newspaper, use brand names for maximum effect.
    Move big items out front to lure shoppers in.

    4. Right tool for the right job.
    Use tables for assorted items and garment racks for clothing.
    Keep things neat and tidy. If they can't see the product, they won't buy it.

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