• BARGAIN THURSDAY-Bargain Auction


    It's Bargain Thursday and today a preview of a Saturday auction where you can buy surplus items from Shelby County Schools.

    Director of facility planning Brian Shipp says, "Every 4 months we have items that we pull in from schools; either closed schools or schools that have obsolete furniture or have purchased new furniture and the furniture we are getting rid of is obsolete."

    It's not your typical flea market but there is a little bit of everything.

    From school desks to kitchen items, furniture or machinery, it's all been rounded up and ready for sale. Including televisions from just five to ten dollars!

    "T these are actually working televisions. They are not as large as some of the other ones but they aren't as dated as some of the other ones we've had in the past. They are a little more modern, they are digital televisions," says Shipp.

    Desks are going in lots of threes, you have one two three tables per lot, a lot will probably go somewhere in the neighborhood between 25-55 dollars.

    The actual cost of the items depends on how badly someone actually wants them. It also depends on how many people are bidding on the item.

    "We have a lot of different cafeteria equipment different types of warmers, deli equipment, mixers and things of that nature which are still very good just an older version. The gem of this auction is what's dear and close to my heart is the industrial shop equipment that we have for woodworking and things of that nature. We have plainers, we have table saws, we have drill presses," says Shipp.

    If you're lucky, you may find something that is perfect and ready to go the minute that you get it home.

    Some things that have been sitting for a while may need a little oil or tweaking but for the most part these items were working when they came out of the space where they were originally located in.

    But it is a good deal for a good cause. Money from the auction will benefit Shelby County Schools.

    "The auctions have been very successful. They've been able to put a few dollars back in the general fund budget and in other budgets that we have. It makes it great for us to continue to re purpose all the equipment that has been part of a district for so many years.  Hopefully we will have 150 - 200 people here again this quarter, it's just a win win all the way around," says Shipp.

    The auction starts at 9 a.m. at the MCS Mallory Warehouse on Farmville Road. All sales are cash only, all fees are to be paid at the end of the day and then merchandise can start to be removed from the building.

    Click here for a list of the all the items up for sale.

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