Bargain Thursday-Bargain Nike


There are only twelve in the world. One of them is here.  When it comes to the arena of sports clothing, equipment and shoes there is only one Nike and, there is only one way to up to 90% off the gear that has athletes of all shapes and sizes just doing it.

"I went to the mall this week. The same shoes, $139 at the mall and I found 'em today for $69.99..." Jan Hill has it all figured out. Know what you want, price it, then head to the Nike clearance center off Elvis Presley to get it cheaper.  "I live in Cordova, almost in Eads, TN so I drive 35 minutes but it's worth it"  

This is where I point out that you don't always find what you want but, if you are looking for first-quality athletic gear, this is definitely worth a stop.

"Everything you see in an average sports store-just a lot cheaper," says Lawrence Miller.

Kim Battaile says, "I save quite a bit. Sometimes 75%, at least 50%, sometimes more."

 Nike folks tell us the merchandise comes from the distribution center off Shelby Drive. Some of it is from retail stores with the latest styles on the shelves.

"I went down to Southland Mall and it was $95 for the same exact pullover and here it's just $19.99," says Marquett Mosby.

Other gear comes from the outlets, priced an additional 30-40% off the outlet price. You'll find even deeper discounts on styles from last season, or before.  "Like this rack of men's shorts for $6.99."

Mark Zoller says, "I bought a pair of shoes last year, great for walking, $49."  "I'm loving this leather-like storm fit jacket. Retail price is $, it's $40. Your savings? $110," said Val.

The Nike Clearance Center is a boon for parents.  "We buy those Nike Elite socks that all the kids love," said Jan Hill.

Even semi-pro athletes find the quality and savings too good to resist. "I play minor pro football for the Memphis Blast."  Lawrence Miller says the prices here level the playing field.  "My competitors, too, The Panthers, The Hurricanes ...we all spend time here."  We found equipment and clothes for baseball, tennis, football, soccer and loads of workout wear and tees.

Shoes? They've got plenty.  We found Air Jordans, Air Max and many other signature Nike brands. The prices range from about 30% off to much more.

The catch? They may not have exactly what you want when you want it and the selection changes almost daily . If you don't buy it when you see it you may never see those shoes at that price again.

Every now and then I run across someone who doesn't know about it and we definitely tell 'em..but sometimes it's a nice secret," Kim Battaile.

Nike clearance center is off Elvis Presley at Raines.  Call 901-332-9325.

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