• Bargain Thursday-Bargain Superstore & Second's Sale


    It's a bargain two-fer today. 

    First, news that a new bargain super-store has opened in Southaven.  Essex Bargain Hunt opened its third Mid-South shopping haven Friday. 

    It's 70,000 square feet of brand name electronics, furniture, tools, rugs, toys and clothing.  That's double the size of the other bargain hunt stores.  The Southaven store is open now at Stateline Road and I-55 next to Burlington Coat Factory.

    A second sale, that has been compared to the Superbowl for shoppers, only happens once a year.  On this Bargain Thursday, we head to the Mississippi Delta to find incredible deals on a brand of pottery that can be hard to get at any price.   "This is the Olga Owl, normally $250. She's got a crack in her side….marked $35"

    A fortune in pottery rests on sagging shelves of rough wood in a dusty warehouse deep in the Delta.

    Welcome to Merigold, Mississippi, where the population doubles every year on the first Sunday and Monday of March.

    This is your only chance to buy McCartys pottery on sale.  These are imperfect pieces, seconds, stored up all year for this event.

    "It's called the seconds sale because the pieces are damaged in some way. May be hairline crack, chipped, over-fired or under-fired."

    People line up days in advance and this simple sign by the door is a stern reminder: you can't save a spot, it's first -come, first-serve.  Some folks, literally, camp out for days to get first-dibs.

    Jamie Smith says, "Sunday is awfully crowded. Long lines.  Folks like to come, and they like to be first in line. "

    McCartys Pottery dates back to the 1940's when Lee and Pup McCarty used clay from William Faulkner's Oxford Estate, Rowan Oak. Their pottery now graces homes from the Delta to Japan and all points in -between.  90-year-old Lee McCarty still works every day.

    It's the distinctive glaze and the dark zigzag symbolizing the Mississippi River that set this pottery apart.

    Probably one of the most popular designs:  a nutmeg color small platter.  The Peavine Plate. Normally $68.50, there a small imperfection, your price? $15. 

    You'll also see pieces with obvious damage.  Everything is at least 50% off and some, much more. 

    You will have to wait in line.  This is a major event. So, plan your strategy. Pack your patience and think hard about going on the second day of the sale.  "On Monday we will put out additional pieces."


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