• BARGAIN THURSDAY-Deals for hunting season


    It is hunting season and we have you covered in more ways than one!

    This Bargain Thursday is a must for anyone who wants to stay warm outdoors, hunt a deer or duck or just likes to look good, for less.

    Talk about blind luck. Tommy Foreman is seeing green in his new career making deer blinds. "Most unique thing, they're made out of metal. 28 gauge metal...last years."

    The former Insurance adjustor says he finds the work relaxing. He loves to hunt and found that the blinds he made for himself were better than any store-bought hunting shelters. "The ones I have in Henderson, I built ten years ago and they're still there," says Foreman.

    So Foreman figured there just might be a market for sturdy, metal duck blinds that last a long, long time. When he took them to a hunting show in August the orders starting pouring in. He says many hunters buy one and come back for more.

    The best part?  The price! The small one sells for $295; the biggest for $450. It is four by six and 6'2" high; that's about $200 less than a less-sturdy model sold by a chain store.

    Need more than a blind? Avery Outdoors is the leading manufacturer of Waterfowl hunting gear and they have an outlet right here in Memphis.

    Allen Hughes says, "We started out wanting an outlet for our overruns, discounts. We do have bargain bins for returns. It's all new. In addition to those we have regular products, ammo, guns, yeti coolers. Lot of bargains interspersed in there."

    Check out the deals on duck decoys. You can find them here for as little as two dollars.
    "It's a steady flow of decoys out of here," says Hughes.

    Clothing to keep you warm and dry, even if you don't hunt or fish. Like Under Armour.
    "A lot of clothes manufactured to our specifications that we don't sell anywhere else," says Hughes.

    Lots of camouflage gear, Bows (last year's models discounted by more than $100 bucks), arrows (a dollar each), gun cases (normally $30-$45, here, two for $25).

    There is so much that we literally can't show you everything.  We can tell you that Avery Outdoors is worth a trip.

    Here's what you need to know: Avery Outdoors is on Cumberland Street which is off Broad.
    Their number is: 901-324-1500.  Click here to go to their Facebook page.

    Tommy Foreman sells his box deer blinds the old-fashioned way. Call him on his cell at 901-849-2850.

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