• Bargain Thursday-Dollar Saver Plus


    Remember the dime stores from back in the day, like "Woolworth's?"  They may have been replaced by bigger retailers, but one Mid-South store is hoping to fill the void.  We're talking about a place for one-stop shopping, and one where you won't be nickeled and dimed to death.

    Owner Fred Rudd says, "We carry a little bit of everything.  when  people come in I tell them we have a lot of stuff." 

    It's called Dollar Saver Plus, the brainchild of retail veteran, Fred Rudd.  He worked for a big box retail discounter before retiring a couple of years ago, he says, "I've been in retail all my working life I had retired actually, I thought it would be nice to have my own store, my wife and I, so here we are."

    Inside the store, something for everyone: General Merchandise, food items, health and beauty, and most everything is just one dollar. 

    But Rudd says, don't count out some unique items, "We've got some unique items, jewelry, which most dollar stores don't have.  We have sunglasses, reading glasses, which I guess most dollar stores have."

    His wife and co-owner Burnette Rudd is a customer jewelry designer. Her pieces are for sale in the store.  Most of them are necklaces and earrings, and they cost just a few dollars.  Rudd says, "I make creative jewelry, earring and necklaces, from whatever inspires me."

    The most expensive thing you will find inside the aisles at Dollar Saver Plus, $10m, for a pair of Duracell headphones, online, the same brand sells for as much as $20. 

    Are you looking to save money for the next big event, check out the party supplies.  Most everything is just one dollar.  We're talking everything from gift bags to party decorations, yes all one dollar.

    And for the techie, Rudd keeps a steady stock of smart phone and IPhone accessories including car chargers and cases.  They sell for between $3-$6.  In regular retail stores, phone accessories can cost up to $50.

    So how does Rudd keep the prices so low?  He says he looks for the deals, and then passes on the savings to you the customer.

    Not only will you find close-outs, but you will also find a steady supply of regular merchandise that is stocked regularly.

                    Dollar Saver Plus is located on Stage Road just west of the Wolfchase Galleria.


                    Website https://www.facebook.com/dollar.s.plus1?ref=ts&fref=ts


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