• Bargain Thursday-Valentine's Day deals


    It's Bargain Thursday and today we have the lowdown on where to buy last minute flowers and gifts for less. Local florists will charge up to $150 for a vase of roses with delivery but, you can hand-deliver two dozen blooms for a fraction of that price.
    Plus, chocolates and other gifts, we've got you covered!

    A rose is just a rose unless it costs more than a dinner for two. Go frugal with your flowers. "Two dozen for $19.99."  Billy Bryant is on to what may be the best deal in town.  Whole Foods offers 24 fresh roses for less than $20 bucks.  "This is the 5th year in a row we bring the double dozen roses," says Caitlin Desroussilles from Whole Foods.

    Scott Anderson and his wife usually don't make a big deal of Valentine's Day. This deal may make him "up" his game.  "That's an amazing deal. It might be enough to change the tradition in our house," says Anderson.

    Whole Foods has a tent set up in the parking lot of its East Memphis grocery. Last year they sold 2,000 bunches. You can choose from almost any color.  They have tulips, too, for less than $10 for ten stems...grown in Virginia.

    Chocolates?  Go for the best. Stephanie Billings says, "I would like to get a full body massage but lots and lots of chocolate would be wonderful!!!"

    Even at Dinstuhl's, home to Memphis' finest chocolates for more than 111 years, you can find sweets for your sweet for less than $20, even $10. "We have our sweet love bear," says Becky Dinstuhl.  The small boxes of assorted chocolates starting at less than $6.  "We have everything from heart-shaped boxes for $5.95 to $300. Of course, the candy is handmade, hand-packed special treat here at Dinstuhl's."

    They also have chocolate covered grapes, marshmallows and jelly beans...nice sized bags for less than $10.

    "It's going to be crowded, know that this is fun! There are plenty of free samples so grab some chocolate and enjoy the wait."

    Jerry Roach from Kroger says, "ladies love chocolate!"  Looking for the perfect combination of chocolate and flowers?  Try a candy bar bouquet.  Kroger has a field-full featuring different candy bars arranged in a vase full of small chocolates.  Most are less than $10.  "We also have chocolate covered strawberries, kiss cakes, we have so many different items there's no way we can miss any kind of needs for your sweetheart," says Roach. If you get there early you should have your pick of your favorite candy. They also make custom baskets for men with favorite big boy beverage and snacks!

    Dinstuhl's will sell 5000 pounds of chocolate covered strawberries by the end of the day. They aren't cheap at around $26 a pound. But, for many Mid-Southerners, Dinstuhls strawberries say, "I love you!"  They open at 9am.  


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