• GMM: Bargain Thursday 2-9-12


    This week’s Bargain Thursday features Young’s Trading on Summer Avenue.

    A few months ago, Dorothy Graham and her mom stumbled upon some outrageous deals.

    They found them at Young’s Trading, an import store that has only been open to the public here in Memphis for a few months.

    But they have been around for 25 years. Selling scarves, accessories, and sparkly bling to retailers all over the country.

    Every day, workers pack orders in the 30,000 square foot warehouse stacked from floor to ceiling with ready to sell merchandise.

    "A lot of overstock we sell under cost. You see stuff outside Friday and Saturday the cost is really unbelievable," owners said.

    When you walk into a store make a hard right. Come all the way to the back. You’ll find an isle where everything is $1.50.

    Also be sure to check out the green bins. You’ll find hosiery, jewelry, and other items bundled and priced to sell.

    Young's Trading/Fashion Avenue
    5529 Summer Ave # 101, Memphis, TN 38134-7212
    (901) 382-7740

    Click here to visit the Young's Trading website.

    Also, a new spa is offering a week of free waxing services if you register now.

    European Wax Center is opening next month in East Memphis in the Wrin Way Shopping Center near Huey’s.

    You can click here to sign up for those services.

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