• Pit Bull's Friendship With Deer Has Internet Buzzing

    An unlikely friendship between a pit bull and a deer has the internet buzzing.

    With his tongue hanging to the ground and his slow waddle, you wouldn't guess it, but Zeke is an internet sensation, for running!

    A couple of weeks ago Zeke's owner's John and Margaret Wray caught the little guy playing hide and seek, and chase with one of the many neighborhood deer.

    "Ever since he's arrived, he's been fascinated with the deer but the deer aren't all that fascinated with him. This one seemed to be interested in him," said Margaret Wray.

    The Wrays say Zeke is a 5-year-old pit-bull mix they adopted recently from Georgetown Animal Outreach.

    When Margaret heard him doing an awful lot of barking in the backyard recently, she went outside to check it out.

    "I was just astonished. I watched him for a little bit before it even occurred to me that I had my cell phone in my hand. So at that point I just started filming," Margaret explained.

    Like many who see the video provided by the Wray Family, Zeke's veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Webb says she's never seen anything like it.

    "I think he's just having fun! You know! Someone to play with and a willing playmate. And he's just going back and forth and they're both obviously just having a good time," said Dr. Webb.

    And it looks like the deer enjoyed herself too, the Wrays say that same deer came back a couple of times later that day to run some more.

    Obviously the Wrays love their dog and apparently so does the rest of the world. Margaret is hoping it gives a positive view of pit bulls.

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