• Reality of close OT call hits fast


    By TERESA M. WALKER, AP Sports Writer

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee got its first win in a game that will be remembered far longer for the crazy swings and long touchdowns.

    They made enough mistakes that coach Mike Munchak says he has no problem getting his Titans' attention as they try to fix what nearly cost them a much-needed victory.

    Munchak says Monday reality hit fast once the Titans (1-2) hit the tape on a 44-41 overtime win over Detroit.

    The Titans blew two double-digit leads, wiped out a game-ending interception with a roughing penalty, didn't recover an onside kick, and failed to knock down a desperation pass at the end of regulation caught for a tying touchdown.

    Munchak says luckily they get to learn after a win before visiting Houston (3-0) on Sunday.

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