Sleet and snow in the Mid-South


There is widespread sleet and snow across the Mid-South resulting in slick roads and streets.

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WE WANT TO REMIND YOU THAT Memphis Police IS NOW operating under the Inclement Weather Policy which means if you have an accident not involving injuries, exchange information and file a report later.

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Message from Memphis Airport:

With the exception of Atlanta and Charlotte (all flights in and out of those cities cancelled), we are running normal operations w/ no issues.

Message from City of Memphis:

Inclement Weather

The Public Works Division-Maintenance Department began addressing projected inclement weather conditions on Monday, February 11th by applying a brine solution (salt residue that forms a bond on the pavement to prevent icing) on city streets, which is part of our "anti-icing operation." At this time, crews are performing our "De-Icing Operation" in which consists of dispensing a salt/sand mixture throughout designated routes that include bridges and overpasses.

(12) Twelve "Salt and Sand Trucks" have been deployed to inspect their routes and apply materials on bridges/overpasses and inclines/declines that require it.  We will continue to cover routes across the entire city for as long as necessary to ensure public safety during this winter weather event.

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Here are some additional winter safety tips:  

  • Avoid being outside if possible
  • Dress warmly if you have to leave home
  • Keep water lines dripping
  • Have plenty of blankets on hand should power go out 
  • IMPORTANT-If using a generator, make sure you vent the exhaust.  Never use charcoal indoors due the deadly vapors
  • If you must travel, keep your gas tank full, check the antifreeze level and windshield wipers
  • Always have a heavy coat, hat, gloves and walking shoes in case your vehicle gets stranded
  • Keep an emergency kit on board with first aid materials, bottles of water and snack foods