• SLIDESHOW: Alyssa's Make-A-Wish


    Check this out! Ten-year-old Alyssa de Jong had one wish, to meet the voice actors for The Simpsons and do a script read-through with them.

    Friday, thanks to Make-A-Wish Mid-South, TJ Mulligan's Cordova, Memphis In May Rib Champions High Life on The Hogg, and FOX13 News we were able to make this Make-A-Wish become a reality for Alyssa.

    "You get to meet the actors and do a table read-through," said Miranda Harbor of Make-A-Wish Mid-South.

    This is a dream come true for Alyssa. She Was diagnosed with melanoma more than a year ago.

    "They said melanoma had made it to the lymph node," said Alyssa's mother, Angela de Jong. "So they did another surgery to take out one lymph node out of her arm. Fortunately it came back negative."

    During the long months indoors, Alyssa found solace in Marge, Bart, Lisa and Homer.

    "Because they're funny and just funny," she said.

    Now Alyssa has to wear sunscreen everywhere. While she is cancer-free, the fear of melanoma is always present.
    "Now Alyssa goes back every three months," Angela said. "They do scans and they check her and see if there is anything suspicious. They do ultrasounds."

    Angela said she thinks about it all the time, but in two weeks, on Oct. 3, she and Alyssa will travel to Hollywood to meet the cast.

    Her dream of meeting the cast and crew of Fox's hit show The Simpsons will be realized and thoughts of cancer and doctors will be pushed aside.

    It's a big wish to grant.

    "Alyssa and her family will fly out of Memphis," Harbor said. "When they get there to Los Angeles they will get to rest and relax for a  little bit. The next they will meet the cast of The Simpsons."

    Memphis In May Rib Champions High Life on The Hogg and the TJ Mulligan's crew raised the money for Alyssa's wish with their annual "Ribs and Butts" sale. They sent

    "We started cooking at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning and stopped Saturday night at 6 p.m.," said Barron Brown. "It was a little nervous. She was excited when you saw the look on her face. Made it all worth it."

    A special custom cake of The Simpsons on their famous couch was also created for Alyssa, a custom donation by Flour Garden.

    "The cake that said The Simpsons and had all the characters on it," Alyssa said.

    So young Alyssa will have her cake, and in about two weeks, she'll get to eat it, too.

    Help us wish her safe travels; she leaves for Los Angeles on Oct. 3.

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    FOX13 News Good Morning Memphis anchor Valerie Calhoun contributed to this report.

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