• ‘The Envoy Project' Prepares Students to Lead, as well as Encourage Peer Success


    MCS Student Envoys to Attend Winter Retreat at Manassas High, December 18-21


    ‘The Envoy Project' Prepares Students to Lead, as well as Encourage Peer Success 


    Memphis, Tenn. – This week from Tuesday to Friday, December 18 through 21, hundreds of Memphis City Schools' students will attend The Envoy Project Winter Retreat at Manassas High School, 1111 Manassas.  The retreat, designed to enhance leadership skills in students who have already shown the ability to impact positive change at their schools, offers a fun curriculum with videos, interactive games, workshops, and social activities.

     The Efficacy Institute, in partnership with Memphis City Schools, runs The Envoy Project as part of the Gates Foundation-funded Teacher Effectiveness Initiative.  This innovative approach to education reform places efficacy tools in the hands of students, preparing them to: set positive examples for other students, transmit efficacy secrets and address peer issues.  Each Student Envoy learns the "Five Secrets" of efficacy as outlined by the Efficacy Institute.

     This year, more than 1,500 Student Envoys are leading cultural change at 118 Memphis City Schools.  Early Envoy Project evidence indicates student gains in areas such as attendance and performance on standardized tests.  The Envoy Project's goal is to prepare 3,000 MCS students for high-performance behavior that can spread to other students and "go viral."  Student Envoys will meet again in March 2013. 

     Below is the Winter Retreat schedule.


    December 18

    1 to 4pm – Registration (meet Teacher Envoys and discuss the Student Envoy curriculum)

    4 to 6pm – Special performances by the U Dig Jukin Dance Academy


    December 19

    8:30am to 4pm – Leadership Instruction

    4 to 6pm – Students select activities (spoken word workshop, hip-hop dancing, art class, line dancing or Zumba)


    December 20

    8:30am to 4pm – Leadership Instruction

    4 to 6pm – Special performances by Hattiloo Theatre actors


    December 21

    8:30 to 11am – Leadership Instruction

    11am to 1pm – "Taste of Memphis" Luncheon by culinary students of the Memphis Boys and Girls Club.  Students will serve students a street-fair style meal with diverse dishes including sushi and soul food, and cuisine from Mexico, Italy and other parts of the world. 

    1 to 2pm – Graduation 


    For more information about The Envoy Project Winter Retreat, contact Andrea Randolph Porter at (901) 334-7989 or email her at andrearandolf@ymail.com


    For more information about The Efficacy Institute, visit www.efficacy.org, or contact Barbara Logan at (414) 305-1099, or email her at blogan@efficacy.org.

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